No, You Can’t Start A Blog In 2 Minutes

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Welcome to the first installment of No Bullsh!t Blog Tips. My goal here is pretty self-explanatory.

When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I had NO clue about any aspect of blogging. To say I knew nothing, would honestly be an understatement.

So I started reading and reading, and reading some more…there is a TON of information out there.  If you’re just getting into the world of blogging you know how overwhelming it is. The more I read, the more I kept coming across some of the same information over and over again, which is to be expected.

However, what I also found was that a lot of what I was pulling up really didn’t contain the valuable information their catchy titles claimed. Their statements were less than helpful and often downright misleading. Additionally, when I started to do more in-depth research, I was finding that some of the advice was simply not dependable.

There are a lot of people out there willing to tell you to use certain blogging products and services in order to make themselves a quick buck. Some of those products and services are not reliable and are not even being used those promoting them. I quickly vowed to never promote a product I didn’t already use and love. I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m doing, what I’m using, and how it’s really working for me. 

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No Bullsh!t Blog Tip #1: No, you can’t start a blog in 2 minutes

The biggest example of what I’m describing above is the hundreds of blog posts I’ve seen stating something along the lines of “Start A Blog in 2 Minutes!” Really? Is it that simple? Two minutes and I’m on my way?

No, it isn’t. 

When you pull up these blog posts, ready to see how you’re going to be blogging in a matter of minutes, what you find is actually a blog post about signing up for web hosting services.

Starting a blog and purchasing a web hosting service is NOT the same thing.

If you know as little as I did (and still do) about blogging , you might be awfully disappointed to click on one of the links in these articles, pay for your web hosting service and still have hours, days, weeks and months of work to do before you’re able to launch your blog.

Even worse, you may eventually find that you signed up for a mediocre web hosting service that isn’t worth the money you invested.

All because someone was being a bit deceptive in their attempts to “sell” you something.

It has taken me SO long to launch this blog. So much longer than I ever, ever imagined or anticipated. I’m notoriously impatient and a painful perfectionist. I needed to take a step back, realize it wasn’t going to happen overnight, and tackle one small task at a time so that eventually everything would fall into place.

Are you ready to sign up for a web hosting service?

There are several steps you can and should take before signing up for a web hosting service. A few of these steps include deciding on a niche and a corresponding, easy-to-remember domain name, then checking the availability of your domain name with social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will establish a cohesive foundation for promoting your blog once it’s up and running.

However, if you are ready to sign up for web hosting, stay tuned! My next post, No Bullsh!t Blog Tip #2, will be all about signing up for web hosting with Siteground. It is a relatively quick and easy process, even if you’re switching from another hosting service, and I highly recommend them!

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