Cover Reveal! Breakup Poems by J.R. Rogue

Releases November 15th!

Two-time Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Poetry, J.R. Rogue returns with her newest collection of poetry, Breakup Poems. Presented in six sections, five devoted to the stages of grief, and a final one for her devoted group of online fans, the author examines the various emotions women go through as they mourn the loss of lovers ranging from almost-relationships to marriage. 
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Badass Book Review: I Like You, I Love Her by J.R. Rogue

I Like You, I Love Her by J.R. Rogue

Coming September 27th!

In a lot of ways, I was one of the lucky ones. My high school crush liked me back. It should have been magic and fire, but it was tragic and brutal. I wrote it that way, anyways.
His name was Bryan Winthrop. He was our high school basketball star. The prom king. The most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on. He liked me — the theatre geek who never should have caught his eye — but he loved her.
It’s been more than 10 years since the homecoming dance. Since the night he kissed me, breaking both of our hearts for the first time.
After the scandal, after graduation, I left our small town and made a name for myself on Broadway, then in Hollywood. I didn’t mean for the play I wrote about our high school affair to blow up.
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Badass Book Review – Kiss Me Like You Mean It by J.R. Rogue

Kiss Me Like You Mean It by J.R. Rogue

kiss me

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“I knew what it was like to watch your face fall in reflected glass. To watch words die in your own eyes.”
Books like this are the reason I love to read. I don’t love many books or hand out many 5-star reviews. I reserve those sentiments for books like this. Those every-once-in-a-while, holy-shit books that just rip right to your core.
I love it when someone can put my mixed-up brain and broken heart into words and onto paper. Only someone like J.R. Rogue could take so many fears and failures and somehow make them sound so beautifully poetic.  
Kiss Me Like You Mean It is not a romance novel.
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