Badass Book Review: With This Lie by Kat Savage


“I just didn’t see you coming…”
There was so much I didn’t see coming while reading With This Lie. I was initially giving this book the side eye because of the premise (“she strictly dates married men”) but Kat Savage hit it out of the park with her sophomore novel. There were twists and surprises around every corner combined with a sweet and steamy romance that did not leave me hating the main characters for their decisions. Instead, I strongly identified with them and their past heartbreaks and betrayals. Kat wrote characters that were truly products of what life had thrown at them and I think we can all relate to that on some level.
“I get the impression I’m a little more of a free spirit than he wants. He needs someone compliant, someone submissive. He needs someone who doesn’t take up too much space and I make it my prerogative to take up a shit ton of space in any situation.”
I couldn’t have described myself any better!
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Badass Book Review: For Now by Kat Savage

for now

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“By the end, I learned that a person doesn’t have to pack a suitcase and kiss you goodbye to leave you. Sometimes they will slip away quietly right next to you and you cannot reach them.”

I was pleasantly impressed with For Now, the debut novel by poet Kat Savage. It’s a love story with a dark background and a suspenseful twist. The plot is imaginative, compelling, and bravely deals with some very heavy subject matter. It was evident this novel was written by someone who’s endured the tragedies of heartbreak.
Delilah Spencer is a woman navigating the difficult process of healing after a painful past relationship. The last thing on her mind is having anything to do with a man.
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